Winter Sports Pictures Jan 23

Pictures for Winter Sports will be taken on Jan 23. 

Here is the link for the picture form:


Please see the schedule below:
4:00  Men and Women's Swimming
4:15  Winter Cheer
4:35 Wrestling
4:50  Men and Women's Indoor Track
5:20 Women's Basketball
5:30 Men's Basketball

1/24/2019 2:13 AM

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Ticket to Play (Spring Sports)

All Cedar Ridge High School students trying out for any sport must complete the “Ticket to Play” process prior to attending any practices.  This process is a requirement prior to every sport season (Fall, Winter, Spring).  Multi-sport athletes will need to get a ticket for each sport season in which they plan to participate.  Designated times and dates will be made for each season, and parents and students will be notified prior to those dates.   
In order to receive a “Ticket to Play,” student-athletes must have all paperwork completed and submitted, must be eligible to participate in sports based on courses passed and attendance requirements, and must be registered online for their sport for the given season.  Any student-athlete missing ANY of these items will not receive a ticket, and will not be eligible to try out for that sport until all items are received and eligibility is determined.   
Once a student is issued a ticket, they will be responsible for handing that ticket to their coach on the first day of try-outs for the given season.  If a student does not have a ticket, they will not be able to participate until they receive a ticket.   
Tickets will be issued during the week prior to the start of sports.  Dates and times, as well as eligibility requirements are listed below.  Tickets will be distributed during A LUNCH on the dates below.  
1-Tuesday 2/6/2018 – Baseball and Softball

2- Wednesday 2/7/2018 – Women’s soccer and men’s tennis

3- Thursday 2/8/2018 – Lacrosse and men’s golf

4- Friday 2/9/2018 –Track and field

5- Tuesday 2/13/2018 – Make-up

6- Wednesday 2/14/2018 – Make-up 
The following items are required to receive a Ticket to Play:

1-  Valid physical, with all three pages, completed by a physician within the past 395 days  

2-  Signed and dated Gfeller-Waller Concussion Information Form by both athlete and parent, within the last 365 days  3-

3-  Online registration via (instructions below)

4-   Meets academic eligibility requirements (passed 3/4 courses the previous semester, was promoted to next grade level) 

5-   Meets attendance requirements for the previous semester (no more than 13 days absent) 
To register online: 1. Go to 2. Click on “Registration” 3. Choose “create an account” if you do not already have an account.  Login if you already have an account.  4. Complete all forms and fill in all information and hit submit registration.  


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