Cheerleading Tryouts will begin on 8/11

Cheerleading tryouts will beging on 8/11 insead of 8/3.  Our new coach is not on campus yet.  If you have any questions, please e-mail Coach Colgan, the Athletic Director.  Thank you

8/10/2015 11:30 PM







Dr. Howard

ITL Principal

Kathy Fuerst

HLS Principal

Lisa Tusa

Assistant Principal

Johnny Huges

Assistant Principal

Trena Sutton

Athletic Director

Don Colgan

Assistant Athletic Director:

Curt Watkins

Coaching Staff


Head Coach


Head Coach:  Curt Watkins

Assistant Coach: Hunter Thompson

Assistant Coach:  Kevin Moran

JV Head Coach:  Kevin Ladd

JV Assistant Coach:  TBA

Basketball - Boys

Head Coach:  Jake Wohlfeil

Assistant Coach:  JP Perry

Assistant Coach:  Ron Thomas

JV Head Coach:  Nick Chasten

Assistant Coach:  Doug Willis

Basketball - Girls

Head Coach:  Debbie Bell

Assistant Coach:  John Patrick


Varsity Coach:  TBA

JV Coach:  TBA

Cross Country - Girls & Boys

Head Coach:  Khrystyanna Hunsinger 


Head Coach:  Don Colgan

Assistant Coach:  Mike Hobgood

Assistant Coach:  James Cobb

Assistant Coach:  Rodney Boykin

Assistant Coach:  Will Robinson

Assistant Coach:  George Ferguson

Golf - Boys

Head Coach:  Joe Williams

Golf - Girls

Head Coach:  John Patrick

Indoor Track - Girls & Boys

Head Coach:  TBA

Assistant Coach:   Vanessa McMillan 

Soccer - Boys

Head Coach:  TBA

Assistant Coach:  Blake Neuman

JV Head Coach:  Ed Sosa

Soccer - Girls

Head Coach:  Marc Phillips

Assistant Coach:  Blake Neuman


Head Coach:  Jack Day

Assistant Coach:  Michelle Noel

Assistant Coach:  Taylor Barker

Assistant Coach:  Scott Brogden

Tennis - Boys

Head Coach:  Scott Allen

Assistant Coach:  Ted Campbell

Tennis - Girls

Head Coach:  Scott Allen

Assistant Coach:  Ted Campbell

Track and Field - Girls & Boys

Head Coach:  Vanessa McMillan 

Head Coach:  Ron Thomas

Assistant Coach:  George Just

Volleyball - Girls

Head Coach:  Christy Fitzgerald

JV Coach:  Meredith Preddy


Head Coach:  James Cobb

Assistant Coach:  Jason Talley

Assistant Coach:  Elvis Mann

Assistant Coach:  George Ferguson

Assistant Coach:  Brysen Thorpe