Schmoock Scholars Application Due April 21

Schmoock Scholars

4 -- $5,000 College Scholarships for

Carrboro High School Seniors

Applications are available in the CHS Counseling Office

Deadline is April 21!


The “Schmoock Scholars” College Scholarship is a one-time, $5,000 scholarship awarded to a maximum of four qualified applicants who are graduating seniors from Carrboro High School in 2017. Eligibility for the Schmoock Scholars Award is based upon the following criteria:


  1. Successful completion of the requirements of graduation and a diploma from Carrboro High School and the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School System. A student who  chooses to postpone post-secondary study (gap year), remains eligible for the scholarship funds;
  2. Acceptance by and enrollment in an accredited four-year, post-secondary academic university, college or similar institution
  3. Good standing in a combination of some or all of the following at the time of graduation: Extracurricular Clubs, Student Government; Cultural Arts; Sports Teams; Mentor Programs;


  1. Leadership positions (i.e. Team Captain or Club President) or demonstrated excellence (i.e. All Conference) will be given additional consideration.


  1. Demonstration of volunteering and service to community;


  1. Proven financial need (important, but not required);


4/20/2017 9:03 PM


  • @ Carolina Central Conference Optional


  • @ Carolina Central Conference


  • @ Carolina Central Conference


  • @ Carolina Central Conference


  • @ CANCELLED Conference Match


  • @ CANCELLED Carolina Central Conference


  • @ Carolina Central Conference


  • @ Carolina Central Conference


  • @ Carolina Central Conference


  • @ Carolina Central Conference Tournament


  • @ NCHSAA Regionals


  • @ NCHSAA State Tournament


  • @ NCHSAA State Tournament


  • Freshman Meghan McPeak headed to States!
  • 2013 Jaguar Women's Golf Team
  • Hard at work at CHCC
  • At State Tournament, practice round
  • Preparing to putt
  • Teeing off
  • Team Support!
  • Holly's first match
  • Happy Team!
  • Taylor right before impact
  • Meghan making a putt
  • Katie's first match
  • Admiring the shot
  • Interested Observer
  • Leanne at The Preserve
  • At Occoneeche
  • At Occoneechee
  • Meghan and Coach
  • Approach Shot!
  • Taylor tees off!
  • Part of the Happy Team
  • Teeing off
  • Walking with a purpose
  • Tough lie, great shot
  • It's in the hole!
  • Happy Parents!
  • The team that practices together, stays together!
  • Yeah, the pink one!
  • Coaching's a lonely job sometimes...
  • 2015 CHS Women's Golf Team, minus Leanne. :(
  • Celebrating Victory!
  • It's in the hole!?
  • Finesse!
  • More Finesse!
  • Posing for the camera
  • I'll bet ya I can beat that one!
  • Watch this one, everybody!
  • Ok, here's the plan...
  • Whaddya mean it's not a club?
  • 'Nough said.
  • The best part!
  • Let's do this!
  • Yay Golf!


  • There are no current announcements.

There are no GIRLS GOLF (V) games from 29 Wed, March 2017.

GIRLS GOLF | Varsity

Welcome to the Carrboro High School's Women's Golf Team Page. I am Coach Migues, currently in my 4th year as the coach of the team. I am also a Physical Education teacher at Culbreth Middle School in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro Schools. Previously, I coached Women's Golf for Central H.S. in Grand Junction, CO for five years. The team goals for Women's Golf at Carrboro H.S. are similar to other sports: Improve as a player and as an overall individual; display exemplary sportsmanship, and have loads of fun. But golf is a sport that is unique in the sporting world because of its opportunity for personal growth - mental and emotional as well as physical. Golf challenges its participants to exhibit honesty, self-control, maturity, and compassion toward one's competitors, as well as physical skills. Achieving these goals will not be easy, but with hard work, patience, and a heavy dose of humor and fun, everyone who joins us will move closer to them. I hope you'll join us!

Team Rosters

  • No.
  • Name
  • Pos
  • Hgt
  • Class
  • No.
  • Name
  • Pos
  • Hgt
  • Class
Callie Clouatre 5'6" 2017 Holly Davis 5'5" 2017
Haley Livers 5'6" 2017 Meghan McPeak 5'8" 2017
Francine Ollila 5'4" 2020 Grace Tobias 5'4" 2019
Callie Clouatre 5'6" 2017 Holly Davis 5'5" 2017
Haley Livers 5'6" 2017 Meghan McPeak 5'8" 2017
Francine Ollila 5'4" 2020 Grace Tobias 5'4" 2019