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Middle School XC - Update from Coach Pierce


Thank you for expressing interest in the Eno River Academy Cross-Country program. We are looking forward to a great season. My name is Michael Pierce. I am a USA Track and Field Level 1 Coach and completed the USA Track and Field Cross-Country Specialist Course. I still run nearly every day and I have a great passion for the sport. Assisting me this year is Deb Vacca. Ms. Vacca is an ERA parent and an experienced runner who is going to be a great asset to our program. I am happy to have her helping this year, and I know everyone will make her feel welcomed!

At the middle school level, the length of cross-country races varies from 1 ½ miles to 2 ¼ miles depending on the course. The number of hills and terrain also varies on each course. Each runner will run one race per meet with everyone starting in the same area and then completing a series of loops or complete a point to point course to the common finish line.

Cross-Country is scored as a team sport based on how a runner finishes. If a runner finishes in 1st place that runner scores 1 point for his or her team, the 2nd place runner scores 2 points, 3rd place scores 3 points and so on. The first 5 finishers for each team scores are added up and the team with the lowest score wins the team race. Each team’s 6th place finisher breaks any ties and a team’s 7th place finisher can push back another teams top 5 runners if a 7th place runner finishes ahead of another team’s 1-5 runners. A team’s 8th place and beyond do not count in the team scoring, as do the runners from any team that have less than 5 runners.

Official practice begins August 17th all 6th – 8th grade runners will practice together. Practices each week will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until 5:00pm. If we do not have school or an early release day no practice will take place. Runners will meet me in the gym after they have changed over to the appropriate running attire and filled their water bottle. Team rules and all other policies will be addressed at the conclusion of our first practice on August 17th at the parent meeting.

I am greatly looking forward to the upcoming season with our middle school team. I want to share my passion for running with you all. Cross-County may seem like an individual sport but it is a great way to build lasting friendships and comradery with your teammates as we build a comprehensive 6th – 12th Eno River Academy program. Thank you for expressing interest in Cross-Country! I hope you will be part of our program.

Should you have any questions about Cross-Country please feel free to contact me through e-mail or by phone (336) 504-7139.


Yours truly,

Coach Pierce