Congratulations Sarah Gaskins & Dargan Harris making the 2019 NRFA High School Girls All County Team!



2019 Neuse River Futbol Alliance (NRFA) High School Miss Soccer Award and Girls High School All County Team Released

CLAYTON, NC (August 8, 2019) – Neuse River Futbol Alliance (NRFA) officially announces the 2019 Johnston County High School Miss Soccer Award and NRFA Girls High School All County Team.  The NRFA Girls High School All County Team represents 15 of the best high school girls’ soccer players in Johnston County as voted upon by a special panel of media representatives and knowledgeable soccer coaches from NRFA and the local area. 

High School Coaches of all public, private, and home school teams in Johnston County were able to nominate deserving players.  These nominations were then discussed and scored by a panel of judges to determine the All County Team.  The All County Team for 2019 will consists of 4 defenders, 4 midfielders, 5 forwards and 2 goalkeepers.  From this list of 15, the Miss Soccer Award is presented to the student athlete that is deemed to be the player that had the most impact on her team and arguably is the best high school soccer player in the county for the 2019 girl’s high school season.

“Girls Soccer in Johnston County continues to get better each year at every level.  Every program is setting records for wins, conference championships, and playoff wins.  The job of the committee gets tougher every year as these tremendous student athletes continue to perform at a high level on the pitch.  We would like to congratulate all the young ladies that were nominated” said NRFA Chair of the Selection Committee, Keith Jenkins.  The award winners will receive a certificate while Miss Soccer will receive a trophy as well as a $200 scholarship from NRFA.  In addition, the award recipients will meet for a press photo later in the year.

2019 NRFA High School Miss Soccer – Leah Rodgers – Clayton

2018 NRFA Girls High School All County Team:



Maggie Gaskins – Clayton

Erin Barefoot – Corinth Holders

Sarah Gaskins – Neuse Charter

Veronica Blackman – Princeton

Taylor Campbell – West Johnston



Leah Rodgers – Clayton

Tina El-Amoor - Cleveland

Lindy Morgan – Corinth Holders

Dargan Harris – Neuse Charter




Carson Paschal – Clayton

Riley Mann – Clayton

Kaelin Sanderford – Corinth Holders

Melanie Barbee – North Johnston



Kasey Wilkins - Clayton

Alyssa Walawender – Corinth Holders



Cara Davis – Cleveland

Faith Thomson - Corinth Holders

Maira Teurel - North Johnston

Rachel Creech - Princeton

Cristina Martinez – Smithfield Selma

Vanesa Sanchez-Torres – Smithfield Selma

Elena Overman - West Johnston


The Neuse River Futbol Alliance was formed between Johnston United Soccer Association and East Wake Soccer Association in March 2017 to help promote the growth and development of competitive youth soccer in our local communities.  Neuse River FA is to provide the programs and activities that focus on the development, promotion and administration of the game among the youth in our communities and to instill the ideals of excellent character and good sportsmanship.  Integrated in this is building a "total" player focusing on self-esteem, self-confidence, teamwork, respect for self and others and all the inherent benefits of physical exercise.

In addition to sponsoring the NRFA Mr. and Miss Soccer Awards and All-County Teams, NRFA serves as the title sponsor for the Johnston County Boys High School County Tournament, the NRFA Cup.

For information related to this story, please contact Keith Jenkins, Youth Academy Director and Operations Director for NRFA at or 919-270-9182.  For information on NRFA, please contact Mark Morgan, Executive Director for NRFA at or 816-665-3977 or Andy Stokes, Director of Soccer at or 919-946-0061.  For the latest information on NRFA and its programs, visit us on the web at

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BOYS Basketball

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Date Day Event H/A Time Location Results
11/15/2016* Tue @ Kestrel Heights A 7:00 PM Pat Harris Gymnasium -
11/21/2016* Mon @ East Wake Academy A 7:30 PM East Wake Academy -
11/28/2016 Mon @ Northeast Carolina Prep A 7:00 PM North East Carolina Prep -
11/30/2016* Wed vs. South Johnston H 7:30 PM Pat Harris Gymnasium -
12/05/2016* Mon vs. East Wake Academy H 8:00 pm Pat Harris Gymnasium -
12/09/2016* Fri @ South Johnston A 7:30 PM South Johnston -
12/12/2016* Mon vs. Friendship Christian H 7:30 PM Pat Harris Gymnasium -
12/19/2016* Mon vs. Kestrel Heights H 7:30 PM Pat Harris Gymnasium -
12/20/2016* Tue vs. Resaearch Triangle High School H 7:30 PM Pat Harris Gymnasium -
01/03/2017* Tue vs. Spring Creek H 7:30 PM Pat Harris Gymnasium -
01/04/2017* Wed @ North Dup;lin A 7:30 PM North Dup;lin -
01/05/2017* Thu @ Hobbton A 6:30 PM Hobbton -
01/11/2017* Wed vs. Princeton H 7:30 PM Pat Harris Gymnasium -
01/13/2017* Fri @ Rosewood A 7:30 PM Rosewood -
01/17/2017* Tue vs. James Kenan H 7:30 PM Pat Harris Gymnasium -
01/19/2017* Thu vs. Lakewood H 6:00 PM Pat Harris Gymnasium -
01/19/2017* Thu vs. Lakewood H 7:15 PM Pat Harris Gymnasium -
01/20/2017* Fri vs. North Duplin H 6:30 PM Pat Harris Gymnasium -
01/24/2017* Tue @ Princeton A 7:30 PM Princeton -
01/27/2017* Fri @ Spring Creek A 7:30 PM Spring Creek -
01/31/2017* Tue vs. Hobbton H 7:30 PM Pat Harris Gymnasium -
02/03/2017* Fri @ Lakewood A 7:30 PM Lakewood -
02/07/2017* Tue vs. Rosewood H 7:30 PM Pat Harris Gymnasium -
02/09/2017* Thu @ James Kenan A 7:30 PM James Kenan -
02/14/2017* Tue @ hosted by #1 seed A 6:30 PM James Kenan -
02/16/2017* Thu @ TBA A 6:30 PM North Duplin -
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11/18/2016* Fri vs. Wilson Prep H 5:15 PM Pat Harris Gymnasium -
11/21/2016* Mon @ East Wake Academy A 5:00 PM East Wake Academy -
11/29/2016* Tue vs. Wayne Christian H 5:00 PM Pat Harris Gymnasium -
11/30/2016* Wed Cleveland MS A 4:30 PM Cleveland MS -
12/01/2016* Thu vs. Mont of Raleigh H 5:00 PM -
12/05/2016* Mon vs. EWA H 5:00pm Pat Harris Gymnasium -
12/09/2016* Fri @ Friendship Christian A 6:15 PM Friendship Christian -
12/14/2016* Wed @ Cary Christian A 5:45 PM 1330 Old Apex Road, Cary -
01/12/2017* Thu @ Alpha Academy A 5:15 PM 8030 Raeford rd Fayetteville 28305 Alpha Academy -
01/17/2017* Tue @ Wilson Prep A 5:15 PM Wilson Prep -
01/19/2017* Thu @ Wayne Christian A 5:15 PM Wayne Christian -
01/24/2017* Tue vs. Friendship Christian H 5:15 PM Pat Harris Gymnasium -
01/26/2017* Thu @ Mont of RDU A 5:00 PM 7005 Lead Mine Road -
02/03/2017* Fri vs. NECP H 5:30 PM Pat Harris Gymnasium -