Mission Statement

Woods Charter Athletics Mission Statement

Developing the person is #1. We strive for success beyond the playing field. Woods Charter Athletic Program builds leaders, values relationships, and strives to positively push and advance student-athletes to the next level.



We envision a world where every young person wholeheartedly engages in an extraordinary educational journey that leads to a life of leadership and service. 

- We value the pursuit of academic excellence that develops knowledge of classical liberal arts and modern science.

- We value our collaborative community, which is an essential catalyst for academic growth, physical and emotional well being, and artistic expression. 

- We value our passionate and caring faculty, who are fully committed to actiavely engaging wiht colleagues, parents, and students to ensure success for every student. 

- We value parental volunteerism and support, which is critical to achieving our mission. 

- We value strong relationships characterized by mutual respect and trust. 

- We value compassion and inclusivity that create an environment where students are enriched by their differences and diversity is celebrated. 

- We value an awareness of and engagement with the world that compels students to active lives of service.